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Honey Comb Die Holder

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Item Id: 6693282
The Honey Comb Accessory is used for mounting 1/4" or Un-mount Stamping Dies. As shown here, the Honey Comb is used to mount the 1/4" brass die securely. The Honey Comb Base is then placed in the Kwikprint Typeholder
as you would any "type-high" mounted stamping die. This gives you the versatility of using our standard "type-high" mounted dies or un-mounted dies in your Kwikprint. The Honey Comb Kit includes the precision-machined aluminum Honey Comb Base, toggle clips, and the toggle key. The size shown is 2-1/4" high 5-1/4" wide. Standard size 3" x 5-1/2" . Custom sizes available.

Available for Models 55, 64, 86, and 86AA