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Schaefer's Graphic Board

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An economical lightweight board with multi ply pasted construction produced with randomized short fiber structure which leads to superior smoothness and product uniformity. Sold by the bundle. Stocked sizes 26 x 38 inches.
(.040" thick 37 sheets per bdl.),,,, (.060" thick 25 sheets per bdl.),,,, (.080" thick 18 sheets per bdl.),,,, (.098" thick 15 sheets per bdl.),,,, (.118" thick 12 sheets per bdl.).
Example of thickness 1/8"of an inch equals (.125") thousands of an inch... Manufactured from 100% recycled paper, color may vary.***********************NEW MINI PACKS: 8 pieces per pack 13" x 19". thicknesses available (.040)(.060)(.080)(.098)(.118) Grain Long. The only way to start when you don't have room for a 40 inch cutter**********************************

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